Offshore Forex — 17977$

It is actually called a securities trading license which is issued and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), a full trading license which would permit the client to Fx trade/brokerage and hold 3rd party funds, however this is a regulated activity and we will have to provide reporting to the FSC.
The cost and procedures is as follows:
  • Client will require to purchase a Belize IBC ‘offshore Company’ with 100,977 Share Capital and open a bank account locally in Belize, Fee for setting up the company with the above share capital will be 3977$ plus 477$ for account opening.
  • Client prepares all his paperwork for bank account and FSC application.
  • Once Account has been opened, the client will credit the account with his fully paid up share capital in Belize of 100,977$ and pays us the FSC application fee (1477$) and our application fee 2977$
  • Upon approval of license by the FSC, the client will now pay his license fee which will be for this 19770$ and this is where our agent fee (the representative and primary contact with the IFSC for the license begins) and for this it will be 8977$ per year)
  • Annual the license fee of 19770$ and our rep fee of 8977$ is payable